My real estate career officially began back in 2003, when I joined the well-known and highly regarded Virginia Hunt Country real estate firm of Armfield, Miller & Ripley (now Washington Fine Properties).  However, I have been buying and selling houses and land in Washington, DC, and Virginia for the past 30 years, and like to think of my real estate occupation as one that rewards me for doing one of my favorite things – exploring and appreciating the wonderful assortment of houses, farms, and acreage in Virginia’s Piedmont.

As a landowner and farmer in Rappahannock County I understand the special needs and desires of those interested in buying or selling agricultural land in our region. As a former city dweller, I also appreciate the various amenities (or lack thereof) that attracts city folks to our area as weekenders, retirees or transplants. In fact, every six months or so, I put together a short public seminar in a central location in Washington, DC to answer questions city dwellers might have about taking the plunge into country living.  This started as an informal question and answer session for friends and colleagues, and soon expanded by word of mouth.  Please check on the Country Life page of this website for date and location of the next seminar.

As a former diplomat and international civil servant, I’m also familiar with the concerns and special needs of those Americans living abroad, or foreigners who are interested in property in our beautiful corner of the world. Negotiating and closing deals in German, Italian, and French is not a problem.  I’ve had plenty of experience with property transactions on an international basis – in fact, I completed the negotiations to purchase my own Virginia farm while on assignment in Latvia.

When not selling Virginia hunt country real estate, I keep myself busy running a thriving sheep operation at Touchstone Farm, gardening, and hiking in the mountains of the nearby Shenandoah National Forest.  I’m also very active in local organizations committed to preserving the natural beauty, tranquility, and way of life that makes Rappahannock County such a special place to live.

Whether buying or selling, I look forward to helping you fulfill all your real estate needs and desires.  Please contact me to discuss any questions you might have.  I hope to hear from you.

Years of Experience
I've been buying and selling houses for more than 30 years, the last 20 of which have been in Virginia's northern Piedmont. Since 2003 I've been a realtor involved in almost every time of real estate transaction imaginable. I can put my experience to work for you to craft innovative solutions to your country property needs.
Deep Knowledge of Local Life
I've been living and farming in Virginia's Hunt Country for the past 22 years and a have a mental map of every back road and country lane over a five county area. Additionally I'm familiar with every local government agency and zoning decision and the personalities and issues that drive local developments. I can help guide you to find the area and opportunities to best fit your needs.
Prioritizing Your Needs
When I transitioned from the city to the country nearly 25 years ago, I didn't have much in the way of mentoring or guidance as to how to make the move. Since then, I've helped lots of buyers find properties that let them fulfill their dreams and lifetime goals. I take your desires seriously and work hard to craft solutions that will allow you to reach your goals.

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