Fauquier County

Scenic, historic, and accessible, Northern Fauquier County encompasses the rolling Piedmont countryside from Upperville and Middleburg, through Delaplane, The Plains, Marshall, Hume, and Orleans down to the county seat of Warrenton.   Middleburg has long been known as the “foxhunting capital” of US.   This historic town has plenty of charm and a wide mix of intriguing shops that cater to the equestrian crowd and those that appreciate fine tailoring and antiques.  The surrounding countryside is a horseman or horsewoman’s paradise of large farm and equestrian estates.   Nearby Upperville is equally tony, while in recent years, the villages of Marshall, and The Plains have seen an influx of shops and restaurants that draw locals and daytrippers alike.

Northern Fauquier County boasts three of the most prestigious foxhunts in the country (Orange County Hunt, Piedmont Fox Hounds, and Old Dominion Hounds), and this scenic horse country includes some of the most protected landscapes in the country as well.

Fauquier County Real Estate Trends

Fauquier County has shown greater divergence than most other jurisdictions in the past year.   For most of 2019, southern Fauquier County has been more active than northern Fauquier, but this reflects the greater development as new houses are being built south of Warrenton towards the I-95 corridor.  North of Warrenton, property prices are higher and have shown lower rates of market activity.   There is new development planned for Marshall and a few other surrounding areas which may stimulate activity, but for the most part, the market for larger properties in Northern Fauquier has shown little activity in 2019.    Inventory in the $1 million and above range has held steady at around 70 properties for both 2018 and 2019.

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