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When most people in the mid-Atlantic region dream of a country retreat from urban stress, they often conjure up memories of Rappahannock and Northern Fauquier Counties.  Those are the places they know because of the restaurants, wineries, and local press coverage.  But there are some hidden gems in the Piedmont that don’t necessarily have the marquee clout of those two jurisdictions.  Just a bit further afield are Clarke, Warren, Madison and Culpeper counties, where one can find the same stunning scenery, wonderful countryside, and peace and tranquility, often for a much more affordable price.

I cover all of these counties and can show you some fantastic opportunities for you to pursue the country property of your dreams.

Clarke County

Clarke County is a gem of protected farmland, small villages and a convergence of Shenandoah Valley and Piedmont landscapes...

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Warren County

Warren County is where hiking, canoeing, and sightseeing all converge. Warren has a lot to offer the discerning buyer...

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Culpeper County

Culpeper has some great history, a thriving county seat, and some incredible scenery...

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Madison County

Some of the most stunning scenery in Virginia can be found in Madison County....

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